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Liberal Couple: What it is and 10 Keys to make it work

Although much progress has been made on the subject, when it comes to liberal relationships , there are still those who think that these are a symbol of instability, indecision and dishonesty with the couple. However, the truth is that they are another way of loving and among their advantages is that they can increase trust, decrease jealousy and learn to listen and give each other more space. Of course, if being a liberal couple is a desire of both and both are prepared to put it into practice, otherwise you would be destined to fail.

What is a liberal couple?

To put it in a nutshell, a swinging couple is one in a relationship where both agree to have sexual contact with other people.

Here you must be clear that what they do not accept is generating some emotional and affective bond with a third party, because although for them the body is not exclusive , feelings of love are (and this is only exclusive for the couple).

Contrary to traditional and monogamous relationships in which it is believed that true love is only shared with one person, liberal couples  they defend the fact that a true love can be built, based on respect and communication, but sharing sexuality with more than one person, that is, having sex with whoever you like, but without this implying ending the basic relationship or any problem for your partner.

How are the liberal relations?

Liberal couples are those who, despite their commitment, feel free to go out with friends, enjoy themselves, and also have sex with other people outside of the relationship, without having to consult with each other.

It is clear that this type of relationship is not for everyone, if you are jealous, possessive or emotionally dependent, practicing an open relationship could end badly, emotionally affecting both or one of the two and obviously the idea is not to have a bad time , but you both enjoy it.

So, if you still doubt a little about whether or not this relationship is for you, it is best that you think about it. Remember that talking to your partner is the most important thing, if you both agree that it could be something positive, go ahead! If you can't, you can stop trying to be an open couple and try other things to get out of the routine and give a new touch to your life. the relationship.

It is important that you take into account that, although similar, the open relationship differs from polyamory because in the latter all the ties have the same weight, desire and importance, that is, all the members of the relationship are equal in importance, while in the liberal relationship , the primary relationship, that is, the initial partner, is the most important and is prioritized above all others.

10 keys to make it work

If you are sure that the liberal relationship is for you and you want to try it, there are some keys that are worth taking into account, yes, remember that the most important thing is to base it on respect, trust and above all good communication.

Here are the 10 main keys for a swinger couple to work:

  1. Sincerity above all : As we already mentioned, communication is the key and this must be based on sincerity. Being honest, saying what you like, what you don't, your expectations, what you are afraid of or what you definitely would not try, is essential for the relationship to prosper, enjoy yourself and neither get hurt.

  2. Set limits : It is very important that you set conditions. You must have clear rules, a consensus with what you are comfortable with and what you definitely do not want to allow. Take care not to pressure, judge or criticize the other. Both of you must really want to be a liberal couple, it is not worth that one of you wants to and the other accepts it just to not be left behind or because he feels compromised.

  3. Live your freedom : It seems obvious, but if you are going to have this type of relationship, you must be clear that you are both free, you are there for each other, you do not have an exclusive relationship. So out with jealousy and bad feelings. However, remember that freedom does not mean licentiousness and that certain agreed limits must be respected.

  4. Confidence : We already talked about this, but it is never superfluous. Although there is a commitment of love involved, it is not necessary that this is also fidelity. What is really important is that you believe in the other person and that you seek not to disappoint each other as a couple, so it is important to clarify what you expect from each other.

  5. Own spaces : In this type of relationship spaces are fundamental, each one has its space , in which the other is not part. Questions and reproaches for spending time with other people are out of the question, since this is supposed to be clear from minute 1.

  6. Negotiate: There are situations that deserve explanation. When this is the case, it is best to listen, present ideas clearly and avoid unnecessary discussions. Reaching common agreements is important for this type of relationship to prosper.

  7. always try to improve the sexual experience with your partner. Even if you have other relationships on the outside, try to experience new things, with toys, new places, keep the flame of passion burning and avoid falling into a routine. Listen and keep in mind what your partner likes and put it into practice.

  8. Prioritize : If your partner comes first, so you must transmit it and you must let them know. Special dates or previous commitments should not be overshadowed by anything. If you have made a commitment together, you must keep it.

  9. Be clear with third parties : when you have sexual encounters with other people outside of your partner, be clear and tell them what you want them for. It is not about going through life exciting everyone who shares your bed or swearing eternal love, if it is just to have a good time and you only feel attraction, make it clear from the beginning, so as not to be surprised later that will make you spend a bad time

  10. Security : If you made the decision to be a liberal couple, you should know that one of the most important aspects is to take care of yourself. Using a condom is an option that you should always keep in mind, to avoid unwanted pregnancies or sexually transmitted diseases. Don't improvise and take care!

As you can see, these guidelines can make your life easier when it comes to keeping your relationship open or trying to open it . If you succeed, you will have a more solid relationship and, of course, out of the routine, where you will surely not have room to get bored, nor for meaningless discussions, since a great job will be done with trust together.


In conclusion, if you want to be and have a liberal couple , you should talk about it! And don't neglect your partner, giving them more space can bring a positive turn to the relationship, but this doesn't mean you should abandon them, prepare a romantic date, a game night or a special dinner.

Sex with a mask , lubricants of different textures and flavors, and fulfilling some sexual fantasy will come in handy in the relationship and will allow you to optimize time together. Keep in mind that more than quantity, it is the quality of time you spend as a couple and things that they share and build day by day. We invite you to visit our erotic games at Chispaclub . Our favorite the Game of Truth or Dare.

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Remember that having open relationships or being such a couple does not mean neglecting your partner, quite the contrary, both of you should feel comfortable, happy, loved and desired. Do you dare to try this type of love that is becoming more and more conventional?

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