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Stages in falling in love according to Joan Garriga

Today we come to talk about a very special book: Good love in the couple by Joan Garriga.

You already know that from ChispaClub, we always bet on growth as a couple. We are constantly searching for sources of information and creating our own activities to build healthy and lasting relationships. That is why today we bring you this book.

In this book, Joan Garriga talks to us in one part about the stages of falling in love . In fact, it is chapter 5 and it begins:

"When two people meet in the arenas of love, they are attracted to each other and feel touched by a special grace, they open up to a wonderful movement, to a fervent yearning to live. Often they feel uncontrollably and blindly moved towards each other and by the other. desire of the other. It is a state of grace and openness where everything shines; a state that many people would like permanently, but that tends not to last."

The 4 stages are:

  1. Falling in love: "you move me a lot, but I see you little": we don't usually see the person as they really are. What is usually seen is how you want the other to be. If the relationship progresses, we move on to the next one.
  2. Choice: "now I am seeing better who you are, and you no longer move me so much, but enough to choose you and continue a common path in some direction." At this stage, you stop seeing the other person in the idealized way and start to see reality. Many couples tend to fall into the routine  In this phase, it is always important to establish surprise factors between the two so that this is not the case.
  3. Commitment: "Now, our love, our bond and what we have created in common has more outside and more weight than our previous partners and than our family of origin." A liability decision is established based on the link created.
  4. Delivery: There are very few couples that make it here. "I still love you and what leads you, regardless of where my own path takes me." At this stage, love is in tune with the movement of life and it is a generous love, in which life and events are loved as they are, stripping them of selfish passions.

At what stage are you with your partner? If you want to know more, we recommend you visit the 4 types of personalities in love or this very interesting article on the 5 love languages , since not all of us express love in the same way, did you know?

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