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Distance Relationships: 10 Tips to Maintain Them

We already know, having a long-distance relationship, that is, one that involves physical separation, may not be very cool. For some, simply being separated sounds horrible and impossible for peace of mind, for others it could be the beginning of a stronger relationship, full of trust and where they learn to know and love each other better.

What is the most difficult part of a long distance relationship?

Without a doubt, the most complicated part of a long-distance relationship is the lack of physical contact. The fact of stopping sharing spaces, habits and day-to-day details can cause fractures in the relationship.

The good news is that everything depends on you and what at first may sound like 'the end of love' could become a tool to get to know each other better and make love grow.

Of course, for this you must fill yourself with patience, be very clear and learn that communication is key to the success of this new stage.

For example, if you are a jealous person, you must learn to give in, speak clearly about your fears, but also understand that your partner must lead a normal life, within all the rules of respect possible, but without you physically.

So, going out, meeting people, having an agenda in which you are not present every day, perhaps different hours and some unanswered calls, are things that can occur and it does not mean that they are forgetting about you, you must put a vote of confidence, let go a little, allow your partner to live that experience and be there, always accompanying, but without overwhelming or excessively burdening yourself.

How to know if a distance relationship has a future?

It seems that knowing whether or not a long-distance relationship has a future is an act of faith, but nothing could be further from the truth.

The relationship can work if both do their part, if there is love involved and if communication is transparent and daily, things can even be better than they were before being separated.

In any case, there are some signs that are worth taking into account and that should be reviewed if they appear, because they can be the path to failure in this type of relationship:

  • If he never answers you: if every time l@ ll@s is busy, it's not a good sign. It's okay that on several occasions I can't pick up your cell phone, but if this is something that happens daily, it's something that will end up driving them away, it will allow suspicions to enter and each one of them has a mental cocoa that ends up fragment the relationship.
  • If he omits important things: If you see that he is leaving you aside and does not take you into account for important things, that is, he does not involve you in his achievements, it is a sign that something is wrong and they should talk about it.
  • If he focuses only on assuming things : If he only talks about assumptions and does not believe you, and does not give you space to explain a situation, it is a sign that the relationship is not on the right track.
  • If you stop being detail-oriented : If you already seem to have forgotten important dates and miss the surprise factor, worry.
  • Do not listen: Just talking about themselves and not giving space for the couple to tell important aspects of their life, can end a relationship in any circumstance, but much more if there is distance involved.

10 tips for managing a long distance relationship

Don't stop having sex!

Sex is essential in any relationship as a couple and if you are at a distance, you should not leave this part aside. On the contrary, taking into account the technologies we have today.

There are many sex toys that can enrich your experience in front of a video call. Of course, remember to be in a comfortable, private place that is quiet for both of you.

Do not hold back for anything, moans, phrases, your best pose, music that you both like, all this is worth it so that you let him see that you are still together and that the passion remains miles away.

dress for the occasion

Surprise your partner with a suit that he loves, you can make a virtual date in which you look phenomenal and sexy. Have a dinner together and take the opportunity to talk about your experiences and your expectations.

Keep the wish or point

How about sending a little hot messages so he knows you're always thinking of him? Help yourself with suggestive emojis, remember that there are some fruit emojis similar to some body shapes. Play with it! They will surely have fun guessing what they mean and giving free rein to their imagination.

Involve him in your affairs

If he doesn't know your new friends and calls you when he's with them, let him meet them, tell him about them. If you have important things in your work or study, tell them before someone else finds out.

Do not gossip their networks

Spending 12 out of 24 hours on your computer or mobile, observing your partner's networks to see who gives a like, who starts following or who starts following him, is not healthy for either of you. Give him freedom and confidence so that he can show you that he loves you and cares about you, even if he is not with you every day.

Trace objectives

You have to put on the table where the relationship is going, for how long the separation will be or what comes after it. Always speaking from the heart and with respect is key to the success of the relationship.


Being away is an opportunity to fall in love every day, do not leave the details out, there will always be a reason to send a gift, flowers, some chocolates, something that is cool, or something original like a photo, something made by you, something funny , whatever, but let him know that despite the distance, he is always present.

control your emotions

No going with claims driven by fits of jealousy. If you have questions about something, it is best to ask. Count to 10 before saying something with which you may offend, try not to comment on those you don't know or until you are completely sure something is wrong.

Mutual support

At some point one of you will need more support than the other. The idea is that the couple is there for when those downturns occur.

It is normal that sometimes one of the two is more absent than the other, spaces are important even in the distance, but making the other feel that you are there and that they count on you, that you understand and love them, will make them feel better and will healthier and stronger relationship.

Remember that empathy is fundamental in couple matters. Putting yourself in the other's shoes will make us understand him better.

The desire!

Remind your partner that you feel like it and prepare the time for the next meeting, not only plan the list of things you are going to do together, but also prepare your next intimate meeting.

Go talk about what you would like on a sexual level, propose new things, for example, use a mask when having sex, dress up, use flavored lubricants, try new poses, toys or go somewhere that is dreamed of by both of you.

Always show him that the desire has not been lost, but on the contrary is more.

Long-distance relationships do not have to be the end of a relationship, if both are determined to make this a unique and novel experience, that is how it will be and can be taken as an opportunity to fall in love more and let themselves fall in love better.

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