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Gift of the 5 senses: the best ideas to surprise

Ahhhh....the gift idea of ​​the 5 senses. Whoever came up with this concept was brilliant... and gave many of us the most romantic gift idea ever! Nothing says more than love than the one that addresses each of your partner's senses in a special way. It's one of the best gift ideas ever: Except for the fact that you still have to figure out what to give to satisfy each sense! But that's what we're here for, to give you some amazing gift ideas for the 5 senses that will impress your partner.

Are you ready to start your gift machinery? If you have decided on the gift of the 5 senses on this occasion, we hope that the following gift ideas will help you:


But first, what is a gift for the 5 senses?

The 5 Senses Box is a simple yet a bit complicated gift idea for your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife or whoever that focuses on each of their 5 senses: sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste. Usually, it is to create a box with different compartments/bags with 5 different gifts, each of which focuses on a specific meaning.

After all, it's a really romantic and original gift idea, and it works! Because the sensations awakening the 5 senses are extraordinary. So, let's get to work with the content for your box of the 5 senses!  

👀 Gift ideas for the 5 senses (Sight)

To please the eyes, touch something beautiful, meaningful... and that they can see! There is a wide range of budgets for this, which is great because you don't have to buy something very expensive if you can't afford it.

Here are some gift ideas with the 5 senses for sight.

  • Photos of the two. From high-tech frames that let you email photos to them in real time to a simple romantic frame with a dedication on the back. This is a classic that will always melt hearts.
  • Artworks. Artwork can be done by hand or by a favorite artist. They can be small or big, funny or sentimental. You have to have an idea of ​​what your recipient likes, but artwork is a great idea for your eye gift.
  • Movie tickets. Movie tickets are a very fun gift for all 5 senses, as they can be an idea for a date night.
  • Books. I'm a big fan of books as gifts, so this might be another great gift idea to look at if your special someone likes to read. Checking out the New York Times bestseller lists is a good way to get ideas.
  • succulent plant. Succulents are a really great eye candy for people who work in an office or at a desk. They are very easy to care for, they don't smell like anything (because then they wouldn't be a sight to see), and they are small enough to easily fit on a desk.


🔊Gift ideas for the 5 senses (Ear)

Sound gift ideas are fun and easy because they often revolve around one main theme: music. And with music in the middle, you can easily be romantic.

So here are some 5 sense gift ideas for hearing:

  • Waterproof speaker. It's one of the coolest tech gadgets you can get and it's surprisingly cheap, making it a great 5 sense sound treat. It connects to your phone, so you can listen to what you want right in the shower.
  • Air Pods. They make a really cool gift idea for people who like to run, exercise or just multitask because there are no more fussing with cables!
  • Tickets for a concert. This is the ultimate gift idea for all 5 senses and is perfect if you are looking for a complete date idea.
  • Echo or Dot. If your special someone doesn't have an Amazon Echo or Amazon Dot, now is a good time to give it to them. These little devices are great for playing music, and you instantly have access to hundreds of fun playlists Amazon has put together for you.
  • Audible Subscription. An Audible subscription is an awesome treat for all 5 senses because it gives you access to monthly audiobooks (which are great for people who have to commute to work!). You can get a free trial here, which gives you 2 free audiobooks.
  • White noise machine. If music isn't your thing, but sleep is, a white noise machine is a great gift idea for all 5 senses. Most of the machines make various noises that will help you sleep deeper and longer, which is truly one of the best gifts you can receive.

🖐Ideas to give with the 5 senses (Touch)

Gift ideas to stimulate touch are really, really fun, especially if you want a little romance in your gift because... well... touch is definitely one of the most romance-inducing senses! But they can also be very cozy and silly, so don't worry if the romance makes you gag.

Here are some fun gift ideas for all 5 senses (touch):

  • Massage. This is the ultimate gift idea, whether you want a romantic massage (maybe a do-it-yourself massage) or not (a gift certificate will do!). Massages are not only amazing, but for most of us they are a total luxury, making them a truly amazing treat. You can buy this massage candle
  • Pedicure. This is like a massage, but much less expensive and definitely less romantic if that's not your thing. But the pedicures are AMAZING, so that will impress you too!
  • Pajamas. There is nothing better than a new pair of comfortable pajamas. This is a great touch gift (just make sure they're super comfortable ;-)).
  • Weighted blanket. Well, if you've never used a weighted blanket, you have to try it. Long story short - basically simulate a hug...all night long! They have been scientifically proven to improve sleep and are sooo comfortable. It's a great 5 senses gift idea for both people who have a hard time sleeping and anyone who sleeps alone (if only for now!).
  • Lotions and oils. Lotions and oils epitomize touch, so they're a fun and easy option for this sense. They are also cheap, so they are good for a low budget.
  • Clothing. Contact gifting is the perfect time to give away a nice piece of clothing, just make sure it's something really comfortable, otherwise it doesn't make much sense (haha... get it? ;-)).
  • Socks. I'm a big, big, big fan of socks (especially these!). Comfortable socks can make a big difference in your day-to-day life and nothing beats a really comfortable pair. This is a really fun gift idea for all 5 senses and it can be cheap too, so it works for almost every budget!


👃 Gift ideas for the 5 senses (Smell)

Smell gift ideas can be tricky, especially if you're shopping for a man, but there are still plenty of fun options out there and I'm sure some of them will work.

Here are some of the best gift ideas for the 5 senses that you can keep in mind for smell:

  • Cologne or perfume. This is the obvious choice for a treat for all 5 senses and for obvious reasons: nothing stinks like fragrance!
  • Potted herbs. This is a really fun smell idea that is great for people who enjoy cooking or love plants. Herbs are very fragrant, so they're a really fun way to celebrate the gift of smell.
  • Candles. Scented candles are another fun and obvious option for the gift of the 5 senses. For women, the scent options are endless, but even for men there are plenty of fun options—scents like Frasier Fir, Evening Bonfire, and Warm Woods are perfect for them.
  • Bath bombs. The right bath bombs smell amazing (not to mention feel amazing), so they make great scent gift ideas, and they can be classed as cheap too! .
  • Essential oil diffuser. Essential oils have many important attributes, one of which is their smell. This makes diffusers a great option for gifting scents.

👅 Gift ideas for the 5 senses (Taste)

Gift ideas for Taste are by far the easiest of the 5 sense categories, because they include everyone's favorite gift: food! However, you have to err on the side of decadent, so don't hold back. This is the time to have fun and pamper your sensual friend.

Here are some gift ideas for the taste:

  • Gift voucher for a restaurant. A gift voucher to a favorite restaurant is an awesome gift for all 5 senses, as it packs a whole date night into the gift, adding a ton of romance and thought.
  • The alcohol. For some people, this is a no-brainer: a bottle of champagne to celebrate, a bottle of your favorite whiskey, or all the ingredients for a delicious cocktail. Alcohol makes a great gift, and it certainly encourages romance, making it a really fun option for flavored gift ideas.
  • Supplies for a favorite dinner party. A great alternative to a restaurant gift certificate is to include all the supplies to make a favorite meal. This is another opportunity for a fun date night, which is a great added bonus.
  • The chocolate. The classic par excellence. Especially if it's Valentine's Day, you can't go wrong with chocolate. It is one of the best ways to pamper your senses.
  • Coffee or tea. Honestly, nothing tastes better than a good cup of coffee or tea in the morning! If you have a coffee or tea lover on your hands, then some good coffees or teas are perfect for your gift of taste.


And now for the outside: design ideas for The Box of the 5 Senses

By compartments, all in one:

  • We put together in a kraft box different boxes of the 5 senses.


By separate boxes: more surprise

  • This way of presenting the gift of the 5 senses can be quite an experience. What if instead of opening all the boxes at once, you suggest opening them one every week? You can whistle!


To leave you with your mouth open:

  • A presentation of the box of the 5 senses that will surprise you:


Presentation with bags:

  • A sweeter presentation of the box ♥️


We hope these gift ideas for the 5 senses will help you create the 5 senses box. 

The 5 Senses Box is a simple yet a bit complicated gift idea for your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife or whoever that focuses on each of their 5 senses: sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste. Usually, it is to create a box with different compartments/bags with 5 different gifts, each of which focuses on a specific meaning.

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