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The best tattoos for couples 2022 Do not miss it!

Having a relationship full of love, understanding and passion is something every couple dreams of. There are couples, who to show their high level of commitment, cannot find a better way to express their emotions than to get matching tattoos. That traditional trend of giving roses and singing love songs has now passed. That is why, here we leave you a guide to the best tattoos for couples (from the largest and most visible, to the most discreet).

Matching tattoos for couples design ideas

The couple tattoos are incredible, since they are made in such a way that they complement each other perfectly. Admittedly, there was a time when hearts were considered the timeless classic of matching tattoos, but today couples are looking for innovative ideas to ensure they have something absolutely unique. With all our love, here we leave you the main couple tattoos, so that you can find the inspiration you need in them. We recommend starting from an existing concept, getting inspired and adapting it to yourselves so that a unique result remains, like your relationship:

tattoos with names

It is one of the most common. Name matching designs can be embellished by adding some other design elements or by using bright colors.

    Date Tattoos

    Another cool option is date tattoos, which are inked to commemorate important dates in a relationship, like the date you met, for example.

      Classic Love Image Tattoos

      Classic images that express a couple's love and commitment to each other is another way of making couple art tattoos. These design options include elements like hearts, roses, dove... Some people have inked Celtic heart designs. These designs can be inked in classic black or gray colors or a variety of vibrant colors, depending on the tattoo wearer's preference.

        Love Quotes Tattoos

        In addition to name and date designs, the text can be used in the form of love quotes for couples. These quotes should have special meaning for the couple and should define their feelings for each other. They may even have lyrics to a romantic song. Certain meaningful symbols can be added to the quote design to make it more attractive and meaningful.

        Ring Tattoos

        One of the most preferred tattoos by married (and unmarried) couples is the matching art of wedding rings. Instead of spending a lot of money on a ring, there are couples who get it tattooed right away. They won't cost a fortune or get lost, but they will be a part of both of you forever.

        puzzle tattoos

        This is one of the most common tattoos also in couples, especially in younger couples. It symbolizes the fitting together of different pieces to form a single one. We propose you this challenge: start from this concept and create the two pieces of the puzzle that are the closest to your personalities. That is, reflect something as abstract as your personality through art. It can be beautiful!

          Some other creative designs

          Some other creative ideas that can be used as matching tattoo designs are a lock and key, Ying and Yang, matching lip prints, balls and chains, and wedding bells. As we talked about earlier, creative designers can use other design elements to create something striking and meaningful.

          This way, a couple has a wide variety if they are looking for unique ideas. Artists can experiment with color and design to increase the value of these tattoos. The most important factor to consider before getting a tattoo is that the design should be meaningful to both of you.

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