Consejos para mejorar la relación en pareja

Tips to Improve the Relationship as a Couple

Here we leave you 10 tips to improve the relationship as a couple and reinforce the three pillars of love : love, passion and friendship.

More comunication

Many times it happens to us that we assume, misinterpret or take things personally. Communication is the key to solving all this and will help to build a solid relationship based on trust in the future. With an activity as easy as sitting down for 5 minutes a day to tell how your day has gone and what motivates/worries you, you will already notice big changes.


More fun plans together

Close your eyes and remember that plan with your partner that was totally improvised but was definitely the best. Or some simple afternoon playing that board game between laughs and snacks. And that time you cooked together? Try to get out of your comfort zone by making plans as a couple to get out of the routine , staying with more friends, learning new things...


Daily thank you notes and surprises

One day it happens that we get up. We look in the mirror and realize that we live in a routine. And that on the one hand we like but on the other we don't. It lacks some magic, some surprise. And this is where small gestures between a couple can make everyday life a little more fun, mysterious or magical. Or simply, the fact that someone reminds you that they love you and is always there supporting you for whatever you need.


More experiences in bed

After many years together, it's totally normal for sex in bed to end up being very routine. Therefore, we recommend erotic cosmetics. The reason? For those couples who have not tried many sexual products in bed, it is perfect. We recommend, for example, the body massage candle (in addition to smelling very good, you pour it on your partner's skin and it is hot, but without burning. Perfect for winter.

If you want to find out more about the couple, passion and eroticism in couples, this talk by Esther Perel will inspire you.


friends before couple

This means that your partner is above all your friend, a friend with whom you have fun, you have some hobbies together, there is trust, you share intimacies, and most important of all, you can be yourself.


Set 5 values ​​together

This activity will help you to be clear about what is most important in your partner (honesty, gratitude, responsibility ...). It is important, as it will help you set clear expectations and avoid possible conflicts. You can do a brainstorming of 10 values ​​(5 each) and from there choose 5 in common (this will also serve to see the values ​​that your partner considers important).


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