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(+20) Best Plans to Do as a Couple 2022

Today, coming up with creative new date ideas is harder than ever. Most of us simply don't have many creative games left when the day is done. Some of us have probably already watched every series on Netflix, and if you're like me, your sofa has a footprint in its shape from all the time you spend on it. Although you may love each other on the couch a lot, it's okay to find some (and creative!) alternatives.

We leave you with a somewhat complete list of our favorite date ideas, for all types of couples.

  1. Try a new restaurant. If you have the menu pretty much memorized on your food chart, look somewhere new. Pretend you're a restaurant critic and select the food, not your partner, for a change.
  2. Play the tourist in your hometown. When was the last time you took advantage of the things everyone always wants to see when they visit? Probably the last time you had guests. Take an afternoon or evening and visit local landmarks or must-see attractions and fall in love with your place all over again.
  3. Make a fun new recipe. Even if you're not a great cook, trying a new dish can still get a lot of laughs. Not to mention, you get to eat the fruits of your labor.
  4. Go to a picnic. If it's nice outside, there's nothing more romantic than packing up some outdoor food and drink, spreading it out on a blanket, and enjoying the great outdoors. If not, do the same in your living room.
  5. Go for a walk. Something about getting your blood pumping while exploring nature really makes the heart work in other ways, if you know what we mean.
  6. Go to the beach. Sun, sand, surf and a lot of skin. Think of a better afternoon.
  7. To go skiing. Isn't it beach weather? Instead, head to the ski slopes. If you don't make a hot chocolate together later, it doesn't count ;)
  8. Play a board game. Pull out the classics or try a new one for a good dose of competition.
  9. A casino night . Laughter is guaranteed. Wait, wait, you're not convinced? and the bingo?
  10. Make a bonfire together. Light the spark with a tiny bonfire (carefully, eh)
  11. A spa night. Visit the pharmacy to buy masks, materials for a manicure and pedicure and massage oil...
  12. One day trip. Get in the car and drive without destination until you reach a small town that you have never been to. Even visiting the next city can feel like an adventure, especially when you do it with your favorite person.
  13. Go shopping together at the supermarket. Do you need eggs and bread? Turn a boring chore into a fun couples activity. Split your list in half and compete to see who can finish it first, or just walk the aisles hand in hand.
  14. Learn a new skill. You don't need to invest a lot of money to try something new. Try origami, drawing or even card tricks.
  15. Play hide and seek. It's not just for kids anymore. And give it a spicy touch?

  1. Look at old photos. Pull out the photo albums and share stories from your childhood and awkward teenage years to learn something new about each other.
  2. Go in search of ancient objects. You will be surprised by the type of objects that you can find in an antique store. Why don't you look for antique shops in your city and take a tour?
  3. Go to a dance class. Even (or especially!) if you have two left feet, taking a dance class can make for a unique date. Why not create your special dance from a song? So you already have one for when you go to parties, weddings etc.
  4. Volunteering as a couple There are many volunteer activities that you can do together and also help other people: from serving in a soup kitchen, a book drive or other local initiative, abroad...
  5. Visit a zoo or oceanographic. You will surely discover new sensations together. Also, you can leave first thing in the morning with all the food prepared and everything done and... off to an adventure, without a watch! ;)
  6. Read romance novels. Today you can download many free books from the Internet or you can even go to bookstores and choose a book together. 
  7. Organize a treasure hunt. Gamify the experience, for example: recreate our first date and all its special places.

Do you still want more? You can take a look at the plan sheet for couples in our store. Created with great care. The blue plans are intended to connect, the purple ones to rediscover oneself, the red ones to be surprised and finally, the green ones, to grow as a couple.

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