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Relationships of Healthy Couples: The 12 Fundamental Tips

All our lives we hear that the end (objective) of any relationship is complete happiness and that often translates into a false ideal of perfection. A happy and healthy couple is not a perfect couple, or without mistakes, but one that knows how to live with differences, listens and creates a coexistence in which both feel valuable and important, that is the key. As you can see, a healthy relationship is often confused or sometimes not even well understood, which is why it is necessary to review this concept, to understand and know how it can be improved and how it can be achieved.

What is a healthy couple relationship?

As mentioned, a healthy relationship is not one in which there are no problems or differences, but on the contrary, it is one in which it is a matter of resolving everything in the best possible way, avoiding at all costs physical or emotional, giving space for dialogue and active discussions (ie, in which listening and the exchange of opinions set the tone, from respect).

How do I know if I have a healthy relationship?

This is perhaps one of the most frequently asked questions in a couple. Is my relationship healthy? Am I in a relationship in which they contribute valuable things to me and at the same time I contribute to my partner? Am I happy and I feel valued in the relationship I have? In short, although it seems complicated, knowing if you are in a healthy relationship is easier than it seems.
Review how you feel with your partner, that is, you feel fear, joy, nostalgia, you feel pressured, threatened. In short, knowing how to listen to yourself and review how you feel is essential to determine if you have a healthy relationship because if so, you should never feel an uncomfortable sensation, but rather, it should give you security and peace of mind to be you, without having to pretend. that is, a healthy relationship allows you to be yourself freely. Another thing is that you must feel heard and obviously know how to listen, communication is vital to have a healthy relationship, but also to understand the other and therefore achieve a healthy and lasting relationship.
Below, we give you some tips that will help you improve your relationship and above all to feel calm and happier.

The 12 tips to have a healthy relationship

Effective communication

It's important to talk openly and honestly with your partner about your thoughts, feelings, and needs. Tell him what you don't like, tell him what your expectations are, your fears, talk about how to improve your time together. Both must also be in the peace of mind to tell the other what they do not like so much without this representing a problem or anger. Understanding that sometimes each one can have a different point of view and in others can share it, is important to have a healthy relationship (applies to all types of relationships). Excessive jealousy and abuse of any kind have nothing to do with a healthy relationship.

Mutual respect and admiration

Treat your partner with respect and consideration, recognizing that both of you are equally important in the relationship. Do not belittle your partner's dreams or desires, nor what seems important to them, do not minimize their efforts, however small they may seem to you, remember that everyone speaks from their experience. Admiring your partner and recognizing and celebrating their triumphs is important to have a more stable and, of course, healthy relationship.


Trust your partner and give them reasons to trust you too. Trust is essential to a healthy relationship. Remember to base the relationship on respect, that makes love believe, also believe in what your partner tells you and act consistent with what you say to your partner, so that your partner believes you too. Do not lie, the truth always comes out, so honesty above all else, thus increasing confidence.

Personal space

Respect your partner's personal space and allow time for their own interests and hobbies. You don't want to absorb all their time, or go to all the places together, leave space for them to be with their friends or enjoy solitude. Allow them to have time for themselves, don't take up all their space, also spend time for yourself, alone or with the people you love. Give yourself a space to learn new things or share with other people, spaces always come in handy.

Share interests

Enjoy activities and hobbies together that you both enjoy. Spaces together are just as important as personal spaces. Take advantage of your moments, try new activities and try to taste what the other likes, in order to understand and share it. All of this will make them grow as a couple, quality time.


Commit to making the relationship work and getting through any issues you may face together. In a relationship you always have to give in a little, put yourself in the other's shoes and try to understand them. Have patience and respect for the difference and above all, as already mentioned, encourage communication, even if you think you are right (or even right), learn to express your concerns without showing a lack of respect for the other.


Try to understand your partner's feelings and show empathy towards them. It doesn't matter if you have another concept of life or certain situations, understanding or at least trying to understand your partner is one of the first steps for a healthy relationship.


Support your partner in difficult times and celebrate their achievements. As you have already read, above all they are friends, friendship, sharing and being accomplices enrich the relationship day by day.


Take responsibility for your own actions and mistakes, and work together with your partner to fix any problems that may arise. Remember that they are a couple, that is, they are two, to face whatever comes.

Conflict resolution

Learn to manage conflicts in a healthy way and come to solutions together. Listening, listening and listening, it is not just listening, it is paying attention to the other, trying to understand their needs and being able to share yours without problem. You have to try to reach a solution when difficulties arise, try to close discussions, do not leave things open or pending and do not spend days without speaking.


Maintain physical and emotional intimacy in the relationship, and make sure that both of you feel comfortable and respected. Sex is very important, don't put it aside, try to maintain a strengthened relationship, take space and time to be intimate. Invent things, get out of the routine, try not to let the day-to-day consume you, because this can end the relationship.


Don't be afraid to laugh together and enjoy the happy moments in life. Jokes, funny situations and laughing out loud should be part of any relationship. We are not going to say that everything is happiness, because it is not like that, there will be difficult and also sad moments, however, if they are together everything will be better, especially if it is a healthy relationship.


In conclusion, a healthy relationship can be noticed, because at first sight what gives the most is tranquility, peace, it helps you grow and both achieve individual goals and together, since it becomes like an engine, something that helps them to feel better and fight for what they want.
With simple habits you can strengthen your relationship and keep it healthy, remember that one of the purposes of being in a relationship is to have a good time. Having a healthy relationship is in the hands of both of you as a couple, it is not a dream so go for it!

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