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How to know if you are in love? The 10 Signs

You can't stop thinking about that person, you get up and it's your first image of the day and you go to bed and it's your last, you already imagine a life by his side, you listen to songs that remind you of his face, his smile, his hands, you love listening to him and being by his side, his aroma, in short, you are completely 'caught' by that special someone. But is it love? Does what you feel really indicate that you are in love?

What is being in love?

Although all of the aforementioned are clear signs of falling in love, this added to flirting, tickling, nerves or the well-known 'butterflies in the stomach' when you see that person. Being in love goes further, that is, what in principle you can feel is a normal liking and attraction for someone, but it is true, that falling in love needs some time, getting to know the other well and having space to see those things too. defects that surely must have. If you're still the same, then you might be in love. Of course, the most important thing is that this feeling in all cases causes you happiness, if it already causes you to be overwhelmed from the start, it may not be what you think.

10 Signs to know if you are in love

These are some signs or 'symptoms' that you are in love, remember that the order in which they are in has nothing to do with it.

  • You constantly think of him or her: If the person occupies a large part of your thoughts and you cannot stop thinking about them, it is likely that you are in love, yes, check carefully the feelings that this thought generates in you, it generates joy, sadness, overwhelm, illusion what generates you? You feel excited when you see him : If you feel excited or nervous every time you see the person, it may be a sign that you are in love. This is what that special person generates in us when we see him.
  • You want to spend time with the person: If you enjoy spending time with the person and look for opportunities to be together, chances are you are in love. In short, when time passes and you are with him or her and you don't even realize it, it is one of the signs.
  • You feel physically attracted: If you feel physically attracted to the person, it may be a sign that you are in love. Although just feeling attraction or desire is not falling in love, if it is the first step to falling in love, you must like that special person.
  • You feel happy when you are with the person: If the person's presence makes you feel happy and makes you smile, you may be in love. Remember what we already mentioned, that it makes you feel happy is very important.
  • You are comfortable being yourself : If you feel comfortable being yourself around the person and can be honest and open with him or her, you are probably in love. That is, when you don't have to have poses or postures, but you are you with all your essence and that makes you feel happy, it may be that love is knocking on your door.
  • You want to know more about the person: If you are curious to know more about the person and their interests, it is likely that you are in love. Showing interest beyond the physical is also very important. Listening and wanting to know more may be one of the signs.
  • You feel like you don't have eyes for another person: It may seem incredible, but when people pass by and even if they are beautiful, you only have eyes for that special person, it is a sign of falling in love.
  • You want to support the person: If you are concerned about their well-being and want to support that person in everything they do, you are interested in their desires and feelings, you may be in love.
  • You feel that the person is special: If you feel that the person is unique and special in your life and you feel that they can help you grow as a person, it is likely that you are in love.

However, there are other signs that indicate that you are not in love, so be aware and do not confuse the feelings.

Signs to know that you are not in love

  • You don't feel the need to take care of the person: That is, it doesn't matter to you, you don't care how they are, or if they are good or bad, you just like them, but their well-being matters little to you.
  • You do not feel comfortable being yourself: You feel that all the time you have to pretend to be who you are not, to pretend that you are a person who does not exist.
  • You do not share your feelings with the person: You are completely hermetic, you do not want to share your feelings for fear of what that person will say, it may be that you do not trust them or that you simply do not see the need to tell them what you feel, not only about him or her but about life itself.
  • You don't care about the person's opinion: It doesn't matter to you what they think or feel, their opinion really doesn't matter to you, you just like it, it makes you anxious to see it or see it, but from there to caring about their opinion there is a heaven whole.
  • You don't care about the future of the relationship: you love him or her for a while, you don't see yourself in a long or stable relationship with him or her.
  • You do not feel emotionally connected: If you feel that there is no emotional connection, do not waste time, it is a pleasure, it may be interesting to go out a few times, but things may not go further. Love needs emotional connection.
  • You don't feel inspired by the person: In love, we usually admire who we like, it inspires us to be better and brings out the best in us.
  • You are not interested in the things of the person: We return to the same thing, if you feel that this person does not matter to you, do not get too excited that you are not in love, it is a simple pleasure, what you feel must go beyond the physical and you should really consider having an interest in each other's things.
  • You don't care about the person's happiness: If you don't care if that person is happy or not, but you simply have it to satisfy your desire, it can be company, friendship, sexual or any of the above, it is not falling in love either . If you are in love, that happiness of the other must matter to you.
  • You don't have the need to have a deep connection : You don't have that connection or 'spark' that you have to have, but you don't really care about having it either. If you don't feel this, really think if what you feel is love, or is it something you would feel for anyone.

Falling in love can be confused with simple taste. It's not bad to just feel like someone, but don't confuse it, there are people you just want to have a coffee or hang out with, there are others you want to be with for the rest of your life. Learn to understand what you are feeling and really evaluate what you are feeling.

An important aspect that is emphasized in this article is happiness. If you feel happy when talking, being or thinking about that person, you may be in love and the most important thing is that it may be worth it. But if, on the contrary, from the beginning, thinking or being with that person causes you anguish, discomfort or fear, do not let it advance and walk away, you must always prioritize yourself.

Even if what you feel is a valid taste just to have a good time, be clear with the other person so that in the end they do not feel cheated or deceived. Remember that being clear and honest is the basis of any relationship and much more if it is in its beginnings, when everything is so beautiful.

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