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Love: What it is, Ways of Expressing it and Components

Oh! the love! How love sometimes messes us up , however, none of us can escape this feeling that comes at any time and in different intensities to our lives, we love each other, our pets, we love our passions, even some of our things or objects. Some say that love hurts, others that it does not, that it is only enjoyed. What do you think?

meaning of love

They say that love is the deepest feeling that exists, in some situations you suffer, in others you give life, awakening our deepest emotions, giving us the opportunity to grow as a couple or on a personal level. Love means giving of oneself and growing, sharing situations and moments. If it is love as a couple, it means setting goals together and sharing a life, which with everything (ups and downs) is exciting and can be quite an adventure.

components of love

There are three main components in the love of a couple, these are intimacy, passion and commitment. If one fails, the relationship may falter, so all three must go hand in hand and must be cultivated day by day. We explain in detail about each one:


Intimacy is showing what we feel and how we are from the depths of our hearts, generating affection, closeness, and union, giving the other person understanding, emotional opinions, as well as paying close attention to what they say and understanding them. It is something that connects you with your partner, builds trust and fosters a situation in which your partner is not only that, but also becomes your friend.


Have you heard about keeping the flame of passion lit? Well, nothing more true! Passion helps maintain love. In the couple it manifests itself with sexual desire, with which we already have a feeling of pleasure from the outset. It's wanting to be with that person, that generates fantasies. Here you can help yourself with the many varieties of sex toys for both of you, which let your imagination fly and promote a healthy relationship between couples. Of course, remember that they must speak everything. It is not worth doing things without the consent of the other.


Finally, love must have a high degree of responsibility and commitment. This must be based on respect, providing honesty and above all clarity in goals and dreams to be fulfilled. As already mentioned, respect is the foundation of any relationship.

ways to express love

There are many ways to express love, with looks, the way we speak and communicate. There are others that stand out:

Physical contact

It is the most direct way to communicate with our partner, caresses, kisses, physical contact, the main language for a complete connection. This contact demonstrates the taste we feel for the other.

Quality time

It is essential for the relationship as a couple to share together and be in sync with what is wanted from the other. Having a good quality time is spending time with our partner and not only that, sharing what we like best, eating, spending the afternoon at home sharing a movie, or spending time with our children, to generate strong bonds and express our love.


We all like gifts! It is true that gifts are very important regardless of their price, because they all have value, that is, all the details matter. Knowing our partner we know what they like and what they don't, so surprising them with some chocolates, flowers, an unexpected outing, a letter or a dessert made by you, all this feeds the relationship.

acts of service

Service actions are the situations or things that you do for your partner, it is very important to take this into account, for example, you help with housework, take care of him or her when you are sick, respect and help your family in something specific when when they require it, in short, support in whatever is essential and do it with love without bringing it up in their faces at any time.


Words are essential, because they help to express and communicate, so you have to be assertive when using them. For example, when we highlight the qualities of our partner, when we feel and express all our admiration for him or her, and even when we get angry.

It is essential that you know that when there is something that bothers you, you must say it with respect, that is, when you do not like something, it is when you must bring out the best in yourself to express it in the best way. A good option is to start by saying what you like about that person and then say what annoys you.

Do not raise your voice, try to be as direct and respectful as possible to speak.

Red Flags of what is not love

When talking about Red Flags or red flags in a relationship, it refers to the alarm signals that you should take into account when things are not going well and that has to do with the discomfort that you feel or both feel with certain situations of the relationship and therefore must be reconsidered. That is, love cannot be confused with attachment or with need.

Red flags can be used to improve the relationship, but if it doesn't improve, it's time to evaluate whether or not what you really feel is love.

For example, physical, emotional or psychological abuse should not be allowed at any time, excessive jealousy, infidelity, mockery and excessive control, are situations that cannot be ignored, nor can they make you feel less, or make you feel less, that you are prohibited or that you forbid normal things like being with your friends, studying or even working. If they are taking away your spaces and your time, it is a great alert.

It is also if you feel that your feelings do not matter, that is, that they are constantly invalidated or that you cannot express yourself, it may be that this has a solution and that it is through dialogue, but if it does not and things get worse, You may be in the wrong place, so talk about it, but if it doesn't work out, move away, because you don't have a healthy relationship, on the contrary, it can be very toxic if you don't stop it.

Keep in mind that when there is love there is no fear. You should feel free to say what bothers you or to discuss with respect, blows and superiority disorders are never welcome and are never a show of affection, that saying of: "he is jealous because he loves you" is not completely true, jealousy is the reflection of insecurities, not love.

Keep in mind that if there are communication problems, you can choose to attend a couples therapy that usually has good results because there they acquire skills to communicate better and have a healthier relationship that really contributes to both stability, happiness, and company. and above all true love, which is based on respect and enjoyment, because you and your partner must enjoy each other from beginning to end.


The love for the couple is not unconditional as they say, on the contrary it is conditional, it is conditioned by your peace of mind and the peace of mind of the other, with the dreams and goals of both and with their life expectations. Having this as a principle will save you a lot of headaches. Sometimes it is good to ground love a bit and not make it so romantic, but real, to know and understand that this person is imperfect but is still by your side to share together, to learn, get ahead and contribute the best of themselves. If this is clear, the relationship will surely take a good turn. Love being the most beautiful feeling.

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