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game tease me

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Give your sex life an exciting twist with Teaseme! This fun and naughty game is perfect for couples looking to add a little passion to their relationship. With Teaseme, you will be able to explore new sexual positions and take your experiences to new levels of excitement.

This set includes an eye mask to limit vision, a bondage rope to restrict movement and adjustable nipple clamps that will increase the intensity of your experiences. Will you be the one who ties your partner or will you be the one who gets tied up? The choice is yours with Teaseme!


Vegan, Paraben free, Sugar free.

Purchase and Returns

We promise to refund your money as long as we get the unused product back.


The product measures approximately 25x13cm


Much love, care and respect for the other person. Communicating is key to enjoying the game as a couple.