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Chispa Club

Edible Thong

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This jelly bean thong will teleport you back to your childhood with candy necklaces and bracelets, sour strawberry flavour. We propose a game to play with your partner:

Cover your eyes with a ribbon, then undress and put on the thong. Ask different questions about yourself that you think your partner doesn't know: What have I recently been loving in bed? What do you think new things I would like to try? If it fails...bad. You will have to search between your legs, the candy thong and take 5 nibbles. You decide when the game ends!


Vegan, Paraben free, Sugar free.

Purchase and Returns

We promise to refund your money as long as we get the unused product back.


The product measures approximately 25x13cm


Much love, care and respect for the other person. Communicating is key to enjoying the game as a couple.