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Game Sexual Positions Scratch and Win!

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If you are looking to go beyond the missionary position and want to surprise your partner with different sexual positions but at the same time be a fun game, you will like this game a lot.

You can consider it in two ways: either you complete it all in one night (it will be a looooong night) or you can do it day by day. Every day or whenever you feel like it, just turn to the game and scratch a surprise new sexual position .

Some of the positions that you will be able to find: 69 position, helicopter position, 71 position, lotus flower position... And many more positions !

You dare?


Vegan, Paraben free, Sugar free.

Purchase and Returns

We promise to refund your money as long as we get the unused product back.


The product measures approximately 25x13cm


Much love, care and respect for the other person. Communicating is key to enjoying the game as a couple.