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Game 6 Erotic Dice

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This erotic dice game is an innovative experience for those couples looking to explore new horizons in their erotic games. Furthermore, it is an excellent option for those who are just starting out in this world or who are already experts in erotic games.

The game includes 6 dice, 5 of which are black and 1 of which are pink. The 5 black dice include actions to be carried out, parts of the body involved, mode of execution, place and time. On the other hand, the pink die includes Kamasutra postures.

The game mode is simple, the oldest player rolls the 5 black dice and performs the action indicated in the combination obtained. For example, the combination could indicate that you should gently bite your partner's neck for 3 minutes on top of the table.

If the word SEX appears on at least 3 of the black dice, the couple will have the opportunity to perform a Kamasutra pose, which will be determined by the pink dice. The game is a fun way to explore new erotic positions and actions as a couple! Starts the game!


Vegan, Paraben free, Sugar free.

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We promise to refund your money as long as we get the unused product back.


The product measures approximately 25x13cm


Much love, care and respect for the other person. Communicating is key to enjoying the game as a couple.